We are small enough to care, big enough to scale !


The strategy consultancy is a new type of consultancy that helps organizations
to implement their brand (promise) in all customer interactions.

Customer Experience becomes Brand Identity Experience.
Including the Employee Experience.

Creating an organization different from the competition.

A strong brand always starts with a good plan to solve problems, strategize smarter and turn bold ideas into big results.

During analysis phase, we work together to develop a future-oriented strategy :
internal survey   /   research   /   interviews   /   workshops   /   site visits   /   …

Is the brand still relevant today and where do you want to take it?
What is the business strategy?
Is optimization or a total makeover needed?
In this way the brand can do what it's supposed to do : persuade the right people.

Final result: a strategical kick-start map/plan to create lifelong evangelists,
a solid base for implementation of identity + experience.


We are a strategic design agency with a clear focus on [ brand + spatial ] expression for its users, based on your identity.

Identity as a brand, as an employer, as an industrial manufacturer, as a retailer,
as an independent professional, …

A strategic activation that determines how the identity looks, feels, speaks and moves.
In an integrated approach.

An identity that comes to life through a set of complementary experiences :
graphic  /  spatial  /  architectural  /  verbal  /  visual  /  sound  /  digital  /  ...

Our strength is designing total concepts.

It’s the sum of everything that makes the difference.
Bonding with your user at the right time, in the right place and in the right way, is the goal of the experience.

Final result: bring the identity to life.
With our experience, we'll help you create yours.

A castle or a fairy tale?


A castle perhaps… but without a king, a queen or a court.
A castle where each client enjoys an experience created for them alone.

At CHÂTEAU OFF, architecture, spatial design and branding are equals. We make the most of each discipline to bring your project to life.

When designing a place, we put its users at the heart of our thinking.

Each project gets its own method. We tackle them playfully, paying attention to details and favoring an individual approach.

Innovation is one of our pillars :
we develop new processes to solve new problems.

Our core principle is to adapt to meet your specific needs.


Being disconnected from our clients seems insane to us. 
How can we help, guide, advise and create if we don’t grasp their reality?
It may be the story of a castle, but certainly not a story of magic formulas!

This is why we have created in parallel our brand of objects. Our e-commerce.
Whether the objects are picked, created or unearthed by us, the desire comes from three paths that had to cross.

The 1st path is quite obvious : we love brands and objects, so why not create our own?
The 2nd one : we are eager to understand what our clients experience on a day-to-day basis & to stay up to date.
The 3rd : we want to be connected with the reality of the market and to be in direct contact with the end customer.

From logo design to logistical thinking through digital presence, we are committed to confronting the reality of the companies we help.

Who would believe in a castle without its knights?



Architecture & Urbanism



   Art Direction & Branding

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